1,   List and briefly explain three ways healthcare services are paid for in US
1.    Three examples of Ratio Analysis are:
(a)  Solvency, Accuracy and Rated
(b) Solvency, Efficiency and Liquidity
(c)  Solvency, financial and Adverse
2.    The CEO of your organization tells you he wants to see the financial position of the organization. What will provide him with the requested information?
(a)  Statement of cash flow
(b) Income statement
(c)  Balance sheet
(d) Statement of changes in equity.
3.    Everything owed by an organization that is of value is called:
(a)  Assets
(b) Liabilities
(c)  Bonds
(d) Stocks
4.    An organizations financial debt or obligations that arise as a result of transacting its business is:
(a)  Assets
(b) Liabilities
(c)  Bonds
(d) Stocks
5.    Which of the following is not an activity of a 501(c)(3) organization?
(a)  Charitable activity
(b) Science/literacy activity
(c)  Profitable activity
(d) Religious activity
6.    Three main reasons for auditing are, reimbursement, regulatory requirement and transparency.
(a)  True
(b) False
7.    Major sources of operating revenue to healthcare organizations are:
(a)  Medicare, Medicaid, private donations,
(b) Borrowing, buying and selling, grants.
(c)  Fund raising, loans and issue of bonds.

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