What is a Memo- Memorandum?
A memorandum is a letter sent within a business to share information across the involved parties. Memo is the shortened word for Memorandum. Such letters are usually used to share company reports, announce changes within the organization, and even assign tasks.
List and Explain the Function of a Memorandum
When discussing about internal business communication, importance of a memo can’t be overlooked. Nearly all internal business communications are done using memorandums. Here is a brief list of the functions of a memo within an organization:
Problem Solving Within The Organization: 
Management use memo to communicate with junior employees to help them solve problems experienced at work. It is through these memos that managers are able to train and provide instructions to their juniors to help them work better and efficiently.
Making Requests Amongst Staff Members:
When senior management want to make formal request to different persons in the organization, they usea memorandum. It is worth noting that any person within an organization can use Memo to submit request to a given fellow employee.
Presenting Informal Report To The Managers:
Subordinates use memo to provide brief but informational reports on their findings and recommendation on a specific assignment. Such straightforward information helps the managers to be able to make proper and faster decisions.
 Seeking Explanation on a Particular Issue:
A memorandum is the best way for managers to seek explanation from a certain person within the organization on a given issue. This mostly happens if there is a quarel between employees and the manager writes a memo to seek more information about the same.
Providing Response: 
When a staff member has received a memo, they should provide response using a memo.
Providing Information:
As pointed above, for there to be a consinsitent flow of information within the organization- both horizontally and vertically, memorandums are very important. Management use memos to provide information on events, changes within the organization, and meetings to their employees.
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