For this assignment you will
1) listen to a recording of your choice selected from the list
2) consider the ways the performers have adapted, appropriated, interpreted, or
revived music of an earlier period or periods;
3) craft a well written and well argued essay of
c. 800-1000 words that addresses these issues;
4) as part of your essay, you must apply ideas
of Hellauer, Page, or Melamed (you do not need to discuss all three articles for this
assignment but you must apply at least one to your recording), including at least one
quotation, cited in correctly formatted Chicago-style note.
Length: body of 800-1000 words
Format & delivery: double spaced, with appropriate title page and headers, page
numbers, in Chicago style,
First, choose one of the following albums and familiarize yourself with it through multiple listenings.
Respond on these two,
1. John Dowland- Perform by Kronos quartet
2. Composer: Perotin- perform by Kronos quartet
Album: Early Music: Lachrymæ antiquæ [ancient tears], featuring the acclaimed Kronos string quartet.
You must discuss at least two tracks from the album in your essay (mentioned above). These should be well tied to your overall argument and support your main points. Use appropriate terminology for
describing musical sound when referencing your examples. Please give track number and
title, and minute/second markers, so we know what you are referring to.
Discuss the relationship between your album and the Hellauer, Page, and/or Melamed
articles from assignment #1: Which ideas of Hellauer, Page or Melamed from assignment
#1 best apply to your recording? Why? Have any of your ideas about, or responses to, the
articles changed—or been reinforced—now that you have listened to the performances on
the recording you selected? Include at least one direct quotation from one of these articles and cite it
correctly in a Chicago-style footnote or endnote.
A bibliography in Chicago style must be included with your paper.
Describe the performance parameters and content of the album
• What is the theme of the album and how is it realized?
• What performing forces are used?
Target Market
• It what way does this album aim to appeal to consumers?
• What populations of listeners and buyers do you think it intends to attract and why?
Early & Modern
• What aspects of this performance and presentation do you find evocative of the
middle ages or of the compositions’ period of origin?
• Which do you find more contemporary?

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