Sample Essay on Lung Cancer 

Lung cancer is a fatal disease that results from the abnormal formation and division of cells in the lungs. There are different types of lung cancer which differ from each other in regards to how they spread, develop to various parts of human as well as how they are treated (Fortmann, 2013).
One of the principal causes of lung cancer is tobacco smoking. According to research, nearly 80 percent of lung cancer deaths are as a result of active smoking and non active smoking (Fortmann, 2013). Prolonged smoking of tobacco coupled with other lung cancer risk factors can lead to a very serious malignant tumor. Another cause of lung cancer is gene mutation. The function is to control the body cells growth and function. Exposing our bodies to substances such as carcinogens and other toxic chemicals can result in gene mutation of lung cells which leads to abnormal lung cell growth (Fortmann, 2013). The mutation or changes turn off the tumor suppressor genes and turn on the oncogenes thus resulting in the growth of cancer cells.
Another possible cause of cancer is the inherited genes from our parents. Some people inherit certain DNA mutations in chromosome six which have increases the chances of lung cancer development. Others may also inherit genes which have reduced ability to break down while others may receive defective DNA repair systems which make it more prone to wind up with DNA changes thus bringing about lung disease.

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