Machiavelli Political Science Essay

In his explanation about the ruling of nation, Machiavelli, outlines how rulers should assert their powers effectively. He suggests that the best way to rule is guidance through the faith. He goes on to advice that the prince should act humanely as it has major benefits. The acting of the prince is not only ethical. Machiavelli grounds his argument on the best way to possess power. He overlooks the issue of what is correct or incorrect. Thus the teachings and guidance of the prince should be through faith as based on the Bible. This style of leadership depicts a more responsible leadership style even in the future. Machiavelli goes on to apply analytic tools of science to politics to determine the best way to rule. He goes on to point various lessons that a prince should learn from (Machiavelli, 1910).
Lessons Learnt
Machiavelli reiterates that a prince should live uprightly and not craftily. Living uprightly by the prince is seen as prestigious and worth of praise. He brings out the prior cases of prior rulers who have kept little in store by their words and have persistently known how to reach men through their cunning behavior. These rulers from time to time have accomplished greater and mighty things and at the end forgot the plight of those who aided them in their way to the honest dealings. He points out that there are two ways of fighting; the first is in accordance with the laws and the other by means of force. The first means is only proper to men and the second applies to beasts (Machiavelli, 1910).

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