Sales Role Play Performance Essay:
The process of meeting a prospective customer, introducing the products to be sold, winning the desire of the prospective customer and eventually closing the sale requires a high level of professionalism on the part of the sales person. The sales person needs to have an excellent level of convincing power through emotional and psychological appeal to the customer. The sales person should actually create a feeling of need and eventually a want in the prospective customer to make a sale. Often the process takes several stages that if followed effectively often yield a high level of success. Success in sales pitch is always determined by the number of closes made by the sales person for every prospective customer talked to. There are sales people who are very successful in sales pitch. Such sales persons have effectively mustered the art of convincing prospective customers. Therefore, success in sales pitch is a sum total of building effective rapport with prospective clients, identifying their needs, suggesting a possible solution through the products or services, dealing with objections, and closing the sale. My average performance in the role play selling was brought about by the failure to fully undertake all the steps effectively.
The kind of approach used towards prospective clients is very important for successful selling. It is important in establishing a rapport with the prospective clients. As a requirement, it is important to exhibit a high level of professionalism when establishing a rapport with the prospective customer. Introduction is very important as it builds credibility to the prospective client increasing the chances of success. In my role play selling, I exhibited an average level of professionalism when approaching prospective clients. I did not demonstrate a high level of confidence when approaching prospective clients like a professional sales person. Therefore, some of the prospective clients ignored my request to have a talk with them about the product. In particular, I was somewhat fearful that the client would dismiss my request. Consequently, I ended up losing their confidence even before explaining my product to them. I was also not so clear and sure about the next step when clients dismissed my request to have a chat with them. I was unable to win the attention of some of the clients who argued that they were in a hurry to attend to some important matter. Therefore, my approach was not very effective leading to my average performance in the role play selling.
Prospective clients often purchase products to serve a given need. The most success way of making sales is through identifying the needs of the prospective clients and undertaking to sell to them products and services that meet their given needs. The main reason for undertaking needs identification is to understand the situation of the customer as at the time of making the sales presentation. This step is highly important in that it facilitates the customization of the presentation to the prospective customer with an emphasis on the needs identified. My average performance in the role play selling, I did not undertake this step effectively. I acted as though I completely knew the customers already needed the products. In particular, I felt somehow intimated by customers who were not free with to answer questions or say much about their experience with similar products. Consequently, I was not successful in making many sales.
Effectiveness in uncovering the needs of the prospective buyer is a crucial requirement for successful selling. Perhaps, this was my greatest undoing. My presentation to prospective customers was always in a rush as I sought to use the minimum time possible. However, I did not work towards understanding their needs effectively. Some of the clients simply said my products were very good but they really did not need them at that moment. This is an indication that the products I was selling to them did not have a potential of meeting their needs. Furthermore, my prospective customers argued that they had similar products which they deemed better than what I had meaning that I was not successful in convincing them about the potential of my products to serve them better. Nevertheless, there are clients with whom I successfully managed to convince to purchase my products. These clients are the same group that I was able to establish a good rapport with as soon as we met.
Product/service presentation is an important component of successful selling. The manner in which a product is presented to the customer is highly important in determining the success level of the seller in winning the customer. A seller has to be persuasive enough to match the benefits associated with the product to the needs of the prospective client. In my presentation, I concentrated on explaining all the benefits associated with the products to the customer. However, I did not emphasize on the specific needs of the customer while explaining the benefits of the products. As a result, I did not make many sales. Furthermore, my main focus was on the expansion of customers’ knowledge about the product hoping that they would identify some of the benefits of the products that matched their needs. This was wrong on my part. The few sales I made were as a result of matching customers’ needs with the benefits of the products.
Product demonstration also requires a high level of smartness on the part of the seller. It is important for the customer to view the product and experience firsthand the benefits explained by the seller. In particular, it is imperative that the seller demonstrates the products professionally using visual aids. My presentation was good as I used actual products and gave my customers ample time to understand the product. I was also able to answer all the questions related to the products. Indeed, I used a professionally developed visual aid to demonstrate the use of the product. I engaged my clients throughout the product demonstration process. Generally, I felt very good about the fact that I was highly conversant with the product. Through my presentation, I was able to convince an additional number of prospective customers to accept my offer.
When undertaking a selling process, buyers often have a habit of raising several objections about a product. They often associate a product with other similar products through which they have had a bad experience. Customers may have been unsatisfied by similar products in the past hence bringing a lot of objection towards the products on sale. In this step, I encountered mixed feelings. There were customers who were very opposed to my products due to bad experiences in the past. However, I managed to convince them that my products were of superior quality than what they had used in the past. Specifically, I was able to successfully explain to the customers the process through which my products underwent to be manufactured alongside the products they had had a bad experience with. My deep understanding of the process of making the products came in handy in answering the questions raised by customers. Once I offered my explanation of the objections raised by the customers, I confirmed that the issue was no longer an objection. However, some clients were still unsatisfied.
Closing the sale is the most important part of the selling process. It is a confirmation that all the initial steps have been undertaken effectively. Closing the sale is an indication that the seller has been able to win the customer by convincing the customer that the product is able to fulfill the needs of the customer successfully. Furthermore, closing the sale shows that the seller has won the trust of the customer to the extent of committing their money towards the purchase of the products on sale. My performance in this step was average. Although I managed to convince my prospective clients on the benefits derived from the consumption of the products, I was unsuccessful in closing the sale. I can associate the average performance in closing the sale with the time spent in the product demonstration and dealing with objections.
I spent so much time on these two steps to the extent that I forgot to close the sale at the point where prospective clients felt really attached to the products. Although I made some late persuasion to the customers to purchase, I made few closes. However, I was able to win several future commitments from clients promising to make a purchase. My communication was superb especially once I was able to overcome some initial fear and got free with the customers. However, I did not utilize all the aspects of communication such as probing hence ending up not understanding the customer’s needs fully. I also failed to keep an eye contact throughout the presentation especially in the initial stages. My confidence and enthusiasm increased as I moved towards the demonstration stage. Overall, my performance was average.