Methods You Would Use During The Interview Process To Vet Potential Candidates For Global Leadership Positions

 With the growing tendency of business organizations to transit towards globalization, companies are faced with the task of looking for the employees that suit the positions that would enable the organizations remain competitive at the global level (Tessmann-Keys and Wellins, 2008). Much of the concern has been to identify potential candidates that would comfortably fill global leadership positions to make possible for the organization to realize its global vision. Companies have been using some talent development strategies and much of their resources to train their staff for global leadership competencies that are necessary to operate at a global level and still maintain competitiveness. Global leadership positions require more than general leadership traits (Tessmann-Keys and Wellins, 2008). They call for certain key competencies that require a candidate to demonstrate cultural sensitivities issues about the region the company operates in. During an interview process to vet potential candidates for global leadership positions, suitable methods should be used to identify the cultural sensitivities competencies, among candidates, that would facilitate good qualification for certain global positions.

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