Monster Energy Drink Analysis Essay

Most energy drink companies pay maximum attention to their advertisements since they are responsible for creating the brands image while in different markets. The adverts also ensure an increase in consumer brand awareness in the already existing markets as well as promoting the energy drink brand. Most of the promotions done have to avoid print advertising since it is viewed as an inflexible medium that aims at competitive advertising. During the first years of the Monster Energy Drink into the markets, it used a lot of well targeted promotions, sponsorships and a lot of promotions that ensured that individual markets accepted the brand. The most important idea used by the company is the development of energy drinks based on brand improvement rather that the spending of large amount of funds on advertising and promotion (Gregory, Healthcare issues, 12).
To ensure a successful and useful strategy, the company divides all its target consumers as well as potential buyers into various groups and employs diverse special strategies for each of the group. For instance, one specialty is based on the sports individuals who are encouraged to boost their energy, maintain their youthfulness and minimize any dangers with the help of the energy drink. To ensure the best results, the brand company has been involved with extreme sports through sponsoring or associating in various duties. The energy drink brand owns a number of formulas racing number one team that is aimed at expanding the drink’s awareness. In addition to all this, the drink marketers ensure the products are visible in each day’s life through identifying areas where most of the customers are available to offer free samples for those who have a great demand for the drink. The company avoids adopting persuasive or traditional forms of communications but instead relies on orally pass on the satisfaction and quality of the product as based on consumers’ arguments. This is always aimed at improving the popularity of the energy drink.

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