Multidimensional assessment paper (20% of grade)
The purpose of this project will be to apply the person-in-environment concept to a behavioral, emotional, or social issue that is often a focus of social work intervention. This project will help you to develop your skills at assessing client issues using a multidimensional approach. The primary question that should be answered in this paper is, “What do social workers need to know about this topic in order to properly assess and understand different clients who are experiencing this problem?” While this information is crucial for developing an effective intervention plan, intervention will not be addressed in this paper.

Directions for the Research Paper:
Students will choose a topic that is relevant to social work practice/intervention, which must be approved by the instructor. Examples of such topics include, but are not limited to, mental illness (choose one), child maltreatment, various disabilities, addiction (choose one), domestic violence, traumatic events, etc. Community/social-level issues are also acceptable. Students will identify peer-reviewed literature on the chosen topic and write a literature review that will:
• Describe the problem/condition/situation;
• Describe the major theory/theories that is/are used to explain this topic;
• Compare and contrast the impact of this topic on at least two attributes of the following variables: race, age groups, socio-economic status, sex (can use non-assigned gender identity), and nationality or ethnicity. For example, if your topic is “bulimia,” you could compare and contrast how bulimia affects Caucasian and African American people, Adolescents and Young Adults, Middle Class and Impoverished people, Male and Female, and Latino and European people. You must discuss EACH of the variables above, using at least two attributes of each variable.
• Discuss risk/resilience factors in terms of this issues, and
• Describe the potential impact this issue may have throughout the life-span.

Literature should be current, unless the work is considered primary and classic. ALL of the required sources must be peer-reviewed publications found in social work (or related human services) field, but you can use additional sources that are professional but not peer-reviewed, like the textbook or government/professional websites. You need 5+ articles to cover the required information. The paper should be well written and formatted in APA style. Papers should be long enough to thoroughly cover the topic, but they will likely be between 5-7 pages in length, not including references, title page, etc. Please do not exceed 7 pages. Abstract is not needed.

Your submission must be in .doc/.docx or .rtf format. Any other format will be considered late with a 20% per day deduction of the grade until the correct format is uploaded.


Criteria Below expectations Meets expectations Excellent work
Adherence to instructions (3 points) 0-1 points some of the sections of the assignment are incomplete or missing 2 points All the instructions were followed, but some of the sections were not developed as fully as they should have been. 3 points All the instructions were followed, and each of the sections were fully developed with information, examples, or other support
Mastery of concepts and evidence of critical thought (10 points) 0-5 points The paper focuses more on personal reflection or vague concepts, rather than demonstrating mastery of the course material. There is little or no integration of the course material. 5-7 points The paper mostly reflects integration of the course material, which is used to convey an adequate understanding of how the chosen concept can be understood from a theoretical perspective. There is adequate information to explain the effects of this topic on diverse populations, but the explanation covers just the basic information. 8-10 points The paper reflects mastery of the course material and effectively integrates it together to develop a comprehensive understanding of a diverse population’s experiences with this particular problem. There is evidence of complete understanding of this problem as it applies to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
Empirical support (3 points) 0-1 points The minimum number of peer-reviewed articles is not met, the sources are irrelevant or not integrated into the paper well. 2 points The minimum of sources is present, but the information is not as well integrated into or supportive of the paper as it should be. 3 points The integration of the minimum number of sources is effective in supporting the writing/ideas
Quality of writing and APA format (4 points) 0-1 points: Major problems with mechanics of language; Awkward sentence construction; Poor or absent transitions; Frequently difficult to understand Many APA errors 1-2 points: Occasional awkward sentences and poor transitions; reduced readability; some spelling or grammar errors The majority, but not all, is APA compliant 3-4 points: Clear, readable, prose. Good use of transitions; no problems with spelling, punctuation, or grammar. APA format is followed.