The Mummy’s curse is one of the myths that surround the deaths that occurred in the Egypt in the early and mid twentieth century. The Mummy is a reference to the mythical mar maids that the persons surrounded by the deaths lived in Egypt at that time. There are two theoriesthat explain the mummy’s curse; the urban myt theory and the sceintific theory (Wendy, 2008). The urban mythical theory explains that there was a pharoah that died and left a curse upon any person who would disturb the dead. The myth is reportedly belied to be connected to the inscription onm the pharoah’s tomb against the person who distubs the dead. The scientific theory expalins the cause of each of the deaths that are related to the death, the sceintists deny any existence of marmaids and thus trace the cause of each of the deaths (Wendy, 2008).
The scientific theory
While the urban mythical theory is belived by many gtraditional conservertists, it is paramount to note here that I perwsonally do not belive in urban myths. This is why I belive in the sceintific theory. The deaths that sorround the pharouh’s tomb have been used by different authours in making best selling books. Hiowever science have proven that there were dust particles that were traced in the bodies of the persons who entered the tombs (Wendy, 2008). The dust particles are belived scientifically to have been the once causing the death of the men and women entering the tomb.
The scientific theory explain that there was an allegy towards the mold spores that were in the tomb. The persons who entered in the tomb inhared these mold spores and this caused irritation. The spores had a high allergic potency which made it imposible for the persons who entetred the tomb to call for help or climb out of the tomb before they died (Wendy, 2008). The x-rays done on the bodies of the remons showwed that each of the persons who died in the tomb had inhared these spores.
Why the theory is convincing to me
The first reason which makes me feel that the scientific theory holds more water is the fact that there is no person who has ever been able to come with a conclusive evidence that the mummy’s exixted in the tomb. The tomb belonged to pharoah and even after excarvation, no remians of mummy’s could be seen. This makes the existence of the mummies as mythical as the urban myth theory. When the excarvation of the dead was done, the persons doing the excarvations and those who did the research on those remians did not die. This means that the urban myth theory is not consistent (Wendy, 2008). Thus, scientific theory stands to be more consistent and thus I belive it.
Secondly, it is good to note that the sciencetific theory is evident based. This means that the theory stands to be proven right or wrong in the future. This can always be done by testing the potency of the mold spores believed to have casued the deaths of the persons disturbing the dead. The fact that there has been no critivc who have come forward and discalimed through experiment or otherwise the possibility of deaths caused by the mold spores, then the theory stand to be true (Wendy, 2008).
Wendy, G., (2008). The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse. New York: Willey

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