My Most Successful Summer Vacation Essay
The summer of the year 2010 undoubtedly remains the most successful vacation I ever had. There were two months for my three siblings and I to enjoy sunshine as we relaxed in the beach. As had been our tradition, a visit to the beach was an important ingredient for our summer vacations. We chose to spend the entire summer in Mombasa to catch a glimpse of the magnificent beaches along the Indian Ocean. Prior to our journey, we had booked cottages in the prestigious Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa. We were all elated that this would be our home for the whole summer vacation.
My siblings left for the beach as soon as we had pulled in the driveway of our cottages and left me in my cottage unpacking. By the time I reached the beach, the sun was already setting. There was calm on the surface ocean apart from the occasional waves splashing and running off the shore. There was a cool breeze hitting my body as I approached my siblings.
I thought I heard some distress call from a distance. Suddenly, I stopped to get a clearer sound. True to my imagination; so I thought, there was a woman’s cry. It was coming from the opposite side of the beach from where my siblings were having their fun. “Somebody Help! Help me!”, the shriek voice cried. I hurriedly dashed towards the side from where the distress call was coming. From a distance, I could see a person struggling to stay afloat. I immediately jumped into the water, swimming as fast as I could towards her. Luckily enough, I managed to grasp a lifejacket that I gave her.
At the shore, she narrated her ordeal with the massive waters. The lady was also a college student on summer vacation with her parents. The rest of the summer vacation was heavenly for me. We always went to the beach together. After the vacation, we started dating. We dated for two years. Last summer while in the same spot where I saved Sussie’s life, I proposed. It was the most emotional time of our lives. As I now count days before we walk down the aisle, I cannot help but reminisce with nostalgia the 2010 summer vacation.

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