Nonverbal communication In Hotels Essay Paper:
Non-verbal communication refers to any other form of conveyance of message without practical utterance of words. This may include gestures, written communication, and sign language among others. This paper is a notebook in a scenario where different gestures have been used (Andersen).
Operations in a busy hotel
After our lecturer introduced our class to this topic, we took time to analyze how use of gestures aided the operations of a hotel. The first thing we noted in our college canteen is that, the manager rarely talked to the staffs especially while enquiring about services to customers. Just by looking at an entering customer, the staff would rise and serve. While he would look at a leaving customer, the staff would either nod or shake head. These are emblems since no verbal accompaniment is required.
We noted that, most of the customers would request from the staff the quantities of servings and to make sure the staff got it right would indicate using fingers. Rising one finger, two servings’ two fingers and so on would represent one serving. According to the classroom notes given by the lecturer these were illustrators. The gestures were necessary since the staff served customers of different accents and using illustrators made communication easy.
Communications among the customers was always full of adaptors and affect displays. This was especially so in the breakfast meetings where customers would make deals over a cup of tea. During conversations, shaking of hands to show done deals, smiling when the other party was listening, looking straight to eye to show concentration were common scenarios. Adaptors- which make the narrator comfortable, and affect displays- which show the expressions of speaker on his face, went hand in hand.
Work Cited
Andersen, Peter. Nonverbal Communication: Forms and Functions (2nd ed.). Waveland Press, 2007.

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