Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Essay

 Nurse practitioners and physician assistants have long argued that they have the ability to provide as much as 70% of the medical services provided by primary care physicians at a much lower cost. Yet government regulations limit their ability to work independently of physicians. 
After acquainting yourself with the education and training that PAs and NPs receive, do you support the view that they should work independently of physicians? Explain what would happen to the level of competition in the physician services market if all statutes limiting activities of physician assistants and nurse practitioners were eliminated.
The debate that nurse practitioners and physician assistants can work without the supervision of physicians is on the rise due to quite a number of reasons. The debate has prompted many research institutions to carry out studies concerning the roles of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in comparison to the role of physicians. This comparison is done in terms of the impact that they have on the patients’ satisfactory, the consultation that they offer, the quality of care given, the prescriptions as well as the recovery process of the patients (Ready, 2013). By comparing these factors, which are the main factors in health care, one is able to determine whether nurse practitioners and physician assistants can perform the same role as physicians and whether they are qualified enough to work without their supervision.

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