OCD Reflective Journal Essay
The approach provided in organizational change and development over the course of this semester has been interesting and highly engaging learning experience for me. There is numerous knowledge that I have acquired throughout the semester concerning organizational change and development. It has become clear to me that an organization needs to manage change effectively in order to experience successful survival in an ever competitive business environment. I have gained important insight into the approaches and theories on change management.
Throughout the semester, I participated in numerous activities and assessment tasks that enabled me to gain important knowledge on organizational change. The ultimate outcome was massive improvement in my learning throughout the semester. In particular, my involvement in the   process of identifying and describing key issues affecting change processes in organizations provided a major boost into my learning on organizational change. This learning outcome particularly focused on issues affecting change and sustainability. The focus of this learning process was on three themes of innovation and technology, human sustainability as well as leadership and governance. Assessments such as exposition of essay theme, group assignments and presentations as well as reflective journals all enhanced my learning.
Generally, all the learning activities and assessments were very helpful in enhancing my learning. However, I did not find learning outcome four very important as it related to the presentation of findings and learning to diverse audiences through team and individual based formats. However, this learning outcome was not completely useless as it also utilized written group assignments and presentations.
Graduate Capabilities
Graduate capabilities are highly important in facilitating ease in organizational familiarization and development of appropriate working relations with colleagues. One important graduate capability is the ability to work collaboratively and autonomously. Indeed, throughout the study of organizational change, my ability to work under very minimal or not supervision as well as working effectively with colleagues have been greatly enhanced. Indeed, it has become so easy for me to look at the ultimate goal of the organization and gear all effort towards the realization of organizational goals instead of being directed my superiors. It has also become extremely easy to set personal objectives in line with the organizational goals thus becoming autonomous in my undertakings. One other important capability acquired through the study is the ability to work in an environmentally, culturally and socially responsible manner. In particular, this has been demonstrated by my ability to work inclusively in settings of cultural and social diversity and demonstrate responsibility through work in building a sustainable future for others as well as myself.
Evidence of the acquisition of graduate capabilities is demonstrated by various practical activities. Firstly, the interaction with other learners in undertaking various team assignments has enabled me to gain important team work competences. Similarly, it has become easy for me to consider the outcome of all actions I undertake in terms of the consequences they have on other people. I have also increasingly become wary of the social and cultural perspectives around which I make decisions. This is evidenced by the consideration of the diverse attributes of team members and the consequences of decisions made. Development of these skills is very helpful in preparation for organizational contexts as it provides a basis for the acquisition of practical knowledge to facilitate working in a real organization.
Change and Sustainability
The topics and readings covered in this study have been extremely helpful in providing important and practical knowledge on change theory and issues of sustainability. There are numerous competences gained throughout the semester both at a personal level as well as through the group work engagements. Practical competences such as self drive and team work have become very integral aspects of this semester’s work. Consequently, I have found these traits highly important in acquiring practical workplace skills. The numerous learning outcomes achieved throughout the semester have been important in creating a sense of direction and focus in me towards cultivating an attitude of devotion and commitment towards organizational future growth. Additionally, the processes undertaken in groups such as group enquiry activities have opened my knowledge into understanding effective brainstorming functions.
Teamwork is a crucial factor in organizational change and sustainability. In the absence of teamwork, it is practically impossible for an organization to undertake any form of change irrespective of the magnitude (Read 6). This has particularly become clear to me through the interactions attained in group assignments and presentations. During such group discussions and brainstorming sessions, it has become clear that the workplace contexts highly depend on team work and participation of everybody. Indeed, every small contribution made by the members of the group was highly relevant in the final assignment such as presentation. This knowledge is highly relevant in developing relevant organizational knowledge. Therefore, it has become easy for me to undertake relevant functions associated to teamwork. This competence can become very important in workplace contexts in brainstorming relevant ideas on the way forward. Such a session is also important in the sense that many decisions on organizational change are arrived at through extensive brainstorming.
The theories, topics and readings covered through this study are important in developing practical competences for actual workplaces. The application of the skills acquired throughout this study especially on numerous learning outcomes is important providing a basis through which workplace competences have been passed. Several practical knowledge and theories were important in opening up the core qualifications in organizational change and sustainability. For instance, the study has broadened my scope of sourcing for issues affecting processes of change in organizations (Doppelt 4). Additionally, the readings and theories have facilitated my analysis of the drivers of change in organizations and adoption of effective methods of sustaining them. The study has also been important in the evaluation and assessment of concepts, theories and principles involved in organizational change.
The most important knowledge gained throughout this study is on how sustainability can be achieved in organizational change (Dunphy et al. 5). Most importantly, I have learnt the importance of changing thought patterns underlying different organizational change processes such as downsizing, re-engineering, strategic planning and TQM. Therefore, the study has demonstrated the importance of changing employees’ thinking pattern when implementing change processes. Additionally, the study has revealed on the importance of cultural transformation and elimination of unsuitable cultural traits while implementing organizational change (Todnem 370). The readings in this study have also demonstrated on the importance of immediate change in the way organizations do business.
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