Olympic Games Essay
The Olympics experience is a source of important life lessons for all people. The Olympics Challenge is a major global event that has had lasting impacts on the lives of billions of people worldwide. There are many outcomes associated with the Olympics. Indeed, the Olympics Challenge can be described as a multifaceted event that touches on virtually all aspects of human life. The event has been associated with immense global publicity that has brought about various rewards well as risks especially to the host nations. Similarly, the Olympics have been an avenue for international construction of media especially in the host nations. In particular, the media has been described as a source of national and cultural actors during the Olympics Challenge. Through the media, host nations to the Olympics have encountered diverse political, geographical and cultural orientations. Consequently, the Olympics have bridged the gap that existed among different races, religious factions of the world. The successful planning and hosting of the Olympics challenge requires a high level of investment in diverse areas of the economy by the host nations. The Olympics have also been associated with the eradication of inherent ethnocentric attitudes as well as stereotyping. Therefore, the Olympics have been a major source of global challenge for the world people to appreciate one another as one people.
The Olympics Global Image Challenge
The Olympics present a major global image making challenge to the host nations. When a nation gets the opportunity to host the Olympic Games, the opportunity is often a rare one in that the nation has a golden opportunity to showcase its offerings to the world (Mallon 10). The Olympics provide an opportunity for national governments to develop strategies through which they can be able to successfully tap in the enormous economic, social and political benefits associated with the Olympics. There are numerous opportunities provided to a nation through the Olympics if the host nation has to benefit from the mega-event. Although the Olympic event is associated with immense image growth to the host nation, it is also a major risk for such nations. Therefore, caution is required at virtually all levels of the preparation process by the host nation to ensure that virtually all aspects of the Olympic are of the required quality level.
Apart from the challenges faced by host nations on the effective preparation for the Olympics Games, the major challenge is on the Athletes participating in the Olympics. Indeed, there are numerous factors that are involved in the attainment for success in the Olympics Games. Athletes are faced with immense challenges in preparing for the Olympic Games. Consequently, they are required to take into account all the factors associated with success in Olympics such as talent, motivation, resistance to injury, and training. The participants in the Olympics are therefore athletes with great motivation, very highly talented and effectively trained. As a result, the margin between defeat and success is often very minimal. It therefore calls upon the participants to pay serious attention to virtually all aspects of the competition in order to register positive outcome. Athletes participating in the Olympic Games need to develop a culture of healthy nutrition and training regimen that can guarantee good performance in the competition. Indeed, such measures can greatly impact on the overall performance of an athlete in the competition.
Olympic Games often require very serious nutrition for the participants. Therefore, it is important for all participants to be sure of the diet they take in order to reduce the possibility of having problems during the Olympics Competition (Anonymous 5). Diets have very serious effects on the performance of Athletes, therefore, they have the challenge of having a healthy diet in their meals to see to it that they are able to perform well and go back to their home nations with a medal. It is very important that the athletes competing in the Olympics Games know the goals they need to achieve when doing practice in preparation for the Olympics Games. The athletes need to work closely with their nutritionist and follow the guidelines given by their instructors on getting and keeping good and healthy athletic body. It is important that athletes are aware of the truth fact that the type of diet eaten has very serious impacts on the final performance during the Olympics Games.
Elite athletes involved in the Olympic Games have certain energy needs for their successful completion in the competition. There is usually an energy budget for the athletes participating in the Olympics. Such athletes derive their energy from the energy intake budget. There is a challenge for these athletes to have an ample supply of various energy intakes and various nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, fat and minerals as well as other dietary factors to promote the health of these athletes. There are several components through which athletes require energy. For instance, athletes require energy for metabolism on the baseline, such the energy used in the cellular maintenance, and regulation of temperature. Additionally, athletes require energy for the attainment of growth and to be active physically. Physical activity is especially an important component of an athlete’s lifestyle as they are always involved in various physical exercises on a daily basis.
An athlete needs to always maintain a balance of energy. Therefore, the daily intake of food energy in the form of fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitals, minerals and other forms of health products should always have a balance. The athlete should spend as much energy as he gets from the foods eaten daily (Meusinger 2114). The most important thing for an elite athlete to maintain all the time is to have no energy being stored in the body or the body does not struggle in providing the energy needed for the physical activity of the athlete. The maintenance of balance in the energy needs of an athlete is seen in terms of the maintenance of appropriate size of the athlete in terms of size, the body performance, and exercise energy. There are different goals shown by many athletes in terms of their energy matters (Meusinger 2277). For instance, there are athletes who want to spend more energy than they take. This is mainly caused by the need to reduce the size of the athlete’s body. Additionally, there are athletes who want to store more energy than they spend with an aim of building body mass especially muscles. This is done by changing the balance in the athlete’s diet and exercise.
Energy availability is an important aspect of athlete‘s training for the involvement in Olympic Games. The daily intake of energy by an athlete is important for the maintenance of successful participation in the Olympic Games (Mallon 15). After an athlete has used much of the energy got from eating the different types of foods, it is important that some energy is left in the body to support the athlete in the normal functioning. The energy availability idea focuses on the need for energy by the athlete for the support of normal functioning. Although it is possible for the athlete’s body to manage when there are small reductions of the energy requirements, it is impossible to manage when there are very big reductions. Therefore, the athlete will have difficulties in functioning normally and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Based on these facts, it can therefore be argued that whenever athletes encounter health and performance problems, the main reason is diet. Some of the health challenges experienced by athletes because of poor diet include menstrual disturbances for female athletes, reductions in basal metabolic rate, low immunity, impairment of the bone density and even poor performing hormonal cycle.
Challenges from Olympic Games
There is no doubt that Olympic Games are associated with many challenges for athletes, the organizers, host nations, and all the people of the world. While the host nations have a challenge of ensuring that they provide the best environment for Olympic Games to be undertaken successfully. The athletes have the challenge of ensuring that they have prepared and trained well to be fit for the big challenge during the Olympic Games competitions. The process of planning for the Olympic Games especially for the stakeholders such as the world governing body is a major challenge. There are so many activities involved during the whole process of planning for Olympic Games that often bring a big challenge to the organizers. Similarly, the host nations are faced with the great challenge of ensuring that Olympic Games take place in conducive, safe environment. This often requires the commitment of billions of dollars to various projects by the national government.
The recent Olympic Games in London are an example of the extent of challenges facing the organizers of such mega events. One of the major challenges facing the host nation was on public health. The public health workers in the United Kingdom were spending every minute monitoring the progress of public health throughout the Olympic Games and after. The particular emphasize on public health was a way of ensuring that signs of infectious diseases were treated immediately as the first case was detected. Olympic Games often attract massive numbers of people from all over the world. Therefore, it is important that public health concerns are always observed and any change is managed on time. The host nations are also faced with the challenge of ensuring there is safety and security before, during and after the Olympic games.
Apart from the challenges faced by athletes participating in Olympic Games, the host nations and the organizers (Olympic Committee), the Olympic Games are a major challenge to all people. Indeed, there are several lessons that can be learnt by everybody from the events of Olympic Games. The Olympics are a great source of inspiration to billions of people across the world due to the life lessons they help people attain. No matter what race, religion, economic status, and cultural background of the people, they are influenced and challenged by the events of the Olympics in very great ways. The main lesson is that it is not about being very fast, or being able to jump the highest or lifting the heaviest weight; rather, it is due to the fact that people have managed to push the hardest to the extent of overcoming the boundaries of limitation. The Olympics offer a great lesson to have a direct interaction with the great people who have persevered and persisted the many challenges of life.
The Olympic Games are made of success stories of so many efforts by people, some having experienced major challenges. For instance, the world is challenged to know whether the great athletes of this age such as Usain Bolt, Ben Ainslie, Anna Mears, Ezekiel Kemboi, David Rudisha and many other great athletes can still keep their good performances even though there is so much competition from other athletes interested in winning medals. When the world watches the athletes compete for top prizes, there is recognition of the amount of efforts and sacrifice made by the athletes. This is an important lesson for everyone. The fact that only a few out of the many athletes win medals does not make the others worthless. Otherwise, the Olympic Games have a creed upon which the athletes operate while knowing that the important thing is not to win but taking part and show so much effort.
The Olympic Games present major challenges to all people of the world. These challenges are not just to the athletes who participate in the Olympic Games but also the host nations, media, the organizers and the world population in general. The event of Olympic Games is a major occurrence for host nations to make or break a good global image. It is also a moment for the organizers to ensure that the particular event is the best ever. Similarly, the event is a major opportunity for the participants to reach the highest level of their talent by getting a medal. Furthermore, the Olympic Games are a great event that makes the world people learn very important and lasting life skills.
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