Sample Essay on: Oppression and Discrimination at Workplace Essay

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Oppression refers to an act of injustice or an exercise of cruelty by an authority especially, through imposing burdens, weighing down a group of people or an individual (Koonin, 2005). Oppression can be an obstruction inflicted to one’s mind or in the body. In the process of oppression, a dominant group reaps benefits from the injustice and exploitation directed to a subordinate group or an individual. American society comprises of people of different diversity based on sex, color, gender and other attributes and therefore everyone is entitled to same respect, freedom and rights irrespective of their diversity (Gardner and Anderson, 2012). Despite Kevin being a hardworking salesperson and delivering on his work to the extent of being promoted to an assistant manager, his colleagues in conjunction with the authority join hands to torture and later terminate him (Koonin, 2005). Critical analysis of Kevin’s case portrays various social, political and economic mechanisms that bring about issues of diversity, equality and discrimination at work places.

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