Outsourced Vendor Management New Hire training and set up
The vendor management team has been asked to ramp an outsourced partner from 150 FTE to 230 FTE in the span of 4 months. This team will be handling inbound retention volume, a line of business they have experience with for 3 years.
Your role:
For this exercise, you will be responsible for making the new hire team successful by delivering and managing the tactical and operational support through the ramp period following training, with the support of the vendor manager responsible for the site.
The details:
There will be 3 new hire classes of 30 FTE each, two of which will be running simultaneously
The teams will train using typical Get Your Wings and First Officer School material
The trainers are vendor trainers, experienced with the material
Vendor support
The vendor teams have capacity and Subject Matter Expert headcount to support 75% of the ramp
Please develop a PowerPoint presentation, illustrating the following:
What is your plan to ensure the success of the ramp?
Please illustrate foreseen needs, challenges, solutions
what existing performance data can be used?
***Must be 12-15 slides
***Include detailed notes for each slide
***Must be Actionable and measurable