Over the quarter you have been working as an executive of a marketing department and asked to explore strategies to enter the PC market. You have worked hard on entering the PC market and you want your company to support your efforts and your marketing plan. Now it is time to prepare that marketing plan to present to your company’s CEO. Who operates in a different state. You will be unable to meet with the CEO face-to-face, so she asked you to create a video presentation (Directions on how to do are provided below). It is important not only to report on what has happened, but that you can provide the CEO with the potential of this market over the next two years. Failure to do so could cost you your job. This plan will include no more fewer than 10 and no more than 15 slides (not including your cover slide, or reference slide if necessary). In the presentation you will present what you have learned as you have gone through the simulation exercises, make confident statements about the future, and make recommendations to the CEO. The slides should discuss: . What the market research has told you customers value when buying a laptop or PC . Your target customers . Products your company should market . Your sales office locations and why, as well as where you think other sales offices should go (pick at least two locations), and how these new sales locations will help grow the business. . How many sales people you would hire for each location and why . What would be the most effective advertising and where the advertising should be placed’ . Share how well the company has done when compared to the competition and let the CEO know which of the competitors stand to create the biggest threats, and why . Explain how the market has performed during the simulation, why or why was it not successful, and what the company could do to be even more successful Your presentation must be submitted as a video file and posted on your YouTube station You must use at least PowerPoint 2010, because of the different file types available (PPT 2007 does not have the option of saving as a video file). If you do not have it, you can get it here. Once you have completed your slides, you will need to add the narration. You can create high quality (HD or near HD) videos using either option below, however, option A (Voice over in PPT) is easier to edit if you make an error, while option B, is faster, but requires better preparation.

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