Patient Informed Consent Essay- Based On a Case Study

The importance of informed consent and the principle of respect for patient autonomy is well elaborated as well as established in the conduct of clinical research. However, it is essential to realize that the manner in which the actual clinical practice is done has been an area that is not well perceived. This is because the clinicians are supposed to provide or raise issues that do not pose difficulties for the patients while addressing any future studies or researches about their cancer issues (Bebeau, 2008).
For instance, a case study that addresses an issue of a cancer victim whereby a clinical research has to be performed so that a treatment can be acquired. The clinical research officers are faced with difficult situations that can lead to the application of unethical practices such as fudging of data and other practices. However, the cancer victim, deserves a clear and complete study so that they can live up their life and the study officers require a good moral obligation to live up to their work.

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