People often take the world they are born into and grow up in as a given. Something that is fixed, finite, and solid. The work day is 9 to 5. Cooking is women’s work. Capitalism is the only economic system possible. Everybody has the right to vote. To get an education I must go into debt. However, there is nothing farther from the truth. History is the movement of different social forces social institutions, social groups, and social actors continually making and remaking the world. While history may indeed be written by the
winners it was often made by thousands if not millions of people participating to create a new world or fighting to maintain the existing world. History is generally a struggle between haves and have nots, the privileged and the oppressed. History is generally the story of conflict, of people fighting for rights and people struggling to maintain their power and privilege. Today, we take for granted many benefits and rights that people were long denied and had to fight for and often die for. Remembering this history is important in understanding how we obtained those rights, at what cost, and how they could be lost in the future.
This paper requires you to analyze a social movement that we are not covering in class or an unaddressed aspect of a social movement we did cover in class. Using the assigned readings and outside readings, you will discuss what the movement was, specifically their goals and discourses, their strategies and tactics. For instance, what did the movement want to achieve and why? What facilitated the strength of the movement? What were the obstacles to achieving greater dignity, rights, and equity in society? Who opposed the movement, how, and why? Finally, did the movement achieve its goals or not and why?
The paper should incorporate concepts and theories from the class readings, such as direct and indirect challenges, mobilizing grievances, contextual conditions, and why people participated, among others.