Persuasive Theory Essay

One of the well-known histories made by Martin Luther King is the speech presented at the Lincoln memorial in 1963. Luther knew quite well that the long term success of his speech would be determined by his audience’s identification with the underlying message in the speech. This was true because his speech is recorded in history as one of those moments that an audience witnesses and felt that a history was being made (Gregory, 2012).
It is essential to understand that which made this speech great as opposed to being excellent. One of the best aspects was the application of the Kenneth Burke argument of identification that was employed perfectly by Luther. This speech is a good combination of rational argument, clever and emotional aspect. The Kenneth Burke’s argument as employed in this speech moves individuals to see persuasion more in relation to identification through symbolism rather than just an excellent piece. Luther was quite aware of how to identify with the audience hence could persuade and connect with them as anticipated.

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