Post your Week 5 Presentation (from the Interactive Assignment, “The Social World: Part I”), including both the multimedia component and the written component that elaborates upon the presentation. Rather than a focus on your own work, this discussion forum provides an opportunity to evaluate the social psychological insight demonstrated in your peers’ presentations. Hence, you will be assessed solely on your feedback to your peers, which should be substantial. Note you are required to post your presentation, including both the multimedia and written components, by Day 1, and respond to a minimum of three peers by Day 3.
Guided Response: Respond to at least three of your classmates by Day 3 to stimulate more meaningful and interactive discourse in the discussion forum. In addition, respond to classmates (and/or the instructor, if applicable) who replied to your initial post by Day 7. Your responses must demonstrate a sophisticated understanding or application of the concepts covered throughout the course.
At least three of your responses should be a minimum of 150 words each.
The following general suggestions may be useful as you craft your replies: •Ask clarifying or thought provoking questions. •Provide personal or professional examples that further illustrate relevant social psychological concepts identified in your classmate’s post. •Supply additional information that might influence your classmate’s interpretation. For example, recommend resources that further support their position or identify possible alternative explanations. •Relate the content in your classmate’s post to that of your own or another classmate’s initial contribution to this discussion.


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