Prepare a written report regarding your experience and provide recommendations for improvement. Your paper should include sections covering the following topics.

Title Page
b. Table of Contents

c. Introduction and Experience (2-3 pages)

Describe the event/experience (what, where, when, environment, etc.).
Report on the target market. Who are the visitors? How popular is the event? Who is the target market and why? (Use variables from Chapter 6.)
What are the consumption benefits for visitors; in other words, how does the event create value for consumers? (Remember, Customer Value = Customer Benefit – Customer Costs) (Chapter 1)
Describe the marketing mix variables and how they are being utilized to reach the target market. In particular, does this event/experience utilize digital marketing to reach consumers?
What is the event’s basic targeting strategies (differentiated, undifferentiated, or concentrated)? (See Chapter 6.) How do you know? Is this the best choice?
d. Situation Audit (3 pages)

Describe the history of the event/experience, which may include ownership or history of 
the location.
Conduct a SWOT analysis. This is one of the most important parts of your project. In 
particular, consider the forces in the marketing environment (Chapter 3) and how they affect this event/experience. Include a SWOT table in your paper and briefly explain each strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat.
Evaluate problems or opportunities for improvement. (2-3 pages)
i. Provide 3-5 options for improvement. Options should be reasonable, particularly 
regarding costs of implementation. Think about the threats and weaknesses identified
in your SWOT analysis and focus on options that would address those issues.
Solution and Implementation (1-2 pages)
i. Select 1-2 options and recommend implementation. Be particularly cognizant of costs 
and benefits. If a selection option has additional costs (e.g., cost of local radio 
advertisements), how much will this expense increase revenue? Is it worth it?
i. Present your final thoughts about the event/experience and whether you believe it will be successful in the future.