New York City, January 29, 2014
To: All Company Employees
From: Director of Information Technology
Subject: Reminder: Key components of a company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging.
As our company expands, the number of our employees is increasing and  the company has accepted official use of email and text as a form of electronic communications. The Human Resource is giving away new company emails based on departments and every work is assigned a specific company email and password. Only communications sent and received from the company official emails will be accepted and treated as company concerns. The company policy on the use of email and text require that every employee keeps his password a secret. Sharing of company property like email and text numbers is a criminal offense punishable by court of law and thus every employee must never share company information.The policy is aimed at providing appropriate guidelines on proper use of emailing services so that all employees are aware of what the company considers unacceptable or acceptable.

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