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Describe the importance of a project charter to the project manager. How does a strong project sponsor and clear project scope apply to the overall success of a project? – do my project management assignment
Any project demands an outlay of the events and activities till completion. The project charter is tasked with providing project scope, budget, schedule, and more. The charter has three major uses, which define the importance of the document. The first purpose of the charter is providing the project is providing authorization, which may be based on the returns on investments (Harrison & Lock, 2004). Secondly, the charter is developed as the foundation to the project sales, thus attracting investors and stakeholders, and finally it is the projects baseline from which the scope of the project is developed.
A strong project sponsor is important to any project by taking the role of a supervisory authority. Sponsors of projects validate the prospects by establishing the benefits associated with the investment (Harrison & Lock, 2004). A strong sponsor is able to establish the viability of a project and contribute to the scope and planning.
A clear project scope facilitates the project by establishing the limits of development. The scope identifies the limitations to the project thus helping in containing the investments demanded.
List three important items that belong within a project management plan, and the importance of breaking the project into phases. Please comment on the importance of obtaining sponsorship approval when concluding each phase of the project.- Pay someone to write my paper

  • Initiation phase
  • Planning phase
  • Execution phase

Breaking down projects into phases is important in tracking progress as well as management of resources. Phases reduce the complexity of the project and help identify potential issues in the course of developing the project. In some cases the breakdown helps complete the project in a shorter time and reduces the amount of resources that a project demands (Ireland, 2006). Management of the project process is facilitated by phases, since each component in the project is addressed individually, and is not overlooked or undermined in the process of project development. The changes in the market and economy within the project time scope often affect the budget and plans of the project, each phase should be evaluated and sponsor approval obtained to ensure the project stays within the approved budget, while assuring completion.
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