Psychological Intervention On Issues Regarding Social Network Sites Research Paper


Online social networking has gained popularity all over the world especially to young adults and adolescents. More than 90 percent of the youth have access to the social networking sites (Chawara, 2011). As the trend and prevalence of social networking increases so do concerns about online internet communication effect the youth social development. Social networking sites are used for the communication purposes, where family and friends interact and share their views. The social networking sites have clearly changed the way people around the world interact. Unlike in the past where people relied on face to face communication, social networking sites like Facebook and twitter have developed communication without any physical interaction. This goes a long way in sustaining long distance friendships and relationships. This growing revolution has immensely inspired psychological research that is now growing exponentially. This article will review some important psychological themes regarding the social networking use and how it has affected the development of people especially adolescents and young adults. Research on social networking is just beginning to comprehend the benefits, challenges and the negative consequences pertaining how different people communicate.

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