Choose one options to conduct your research paper: Psychology topic researched from a newspaper, Psychology topic researched from a magazine, or Psychology topic researched from Internet. The research assignment will require an “analysis” such as opinions, findings, conclusions from you. The article should have “statistics” “percentages”, and/or a statement that states, “A study was conducted by…” The assignment must be 5 pages typewritten (double-spaced) and must include the study (article) at the end of your paper (preferably the last page). I need the article and NOT the website. Basic Requirements and Grading Criteria for Research Assignment: Content (extent of research), Input of OWN ideas and critical thinking, Organization and flow of the papers, Title page (includes Title, your name, class time/day)5. Minimum of 5 typewritten (double-spaced) pages, Standard 12 point type, TIMES NEW ROMAN Font, Margins no wider than 1” on all sides.