Public Humiliation of Children as Punishment Essay

Is public shaming effective? does public shaming work? is public shame an appropriate mode of punishment?
Public humiliation has been used as a way of disciplining children by parents for many years (Heath, 2013). Children have been made to stand on corners of roads and public places holding signs as a way of reprimanding them by embarrassing them in front of society. There has been a growing trend of public humiliation through social media sites. Parents have started using this form of action because through this way they can hurt teenagers without hitting them physically (Heath, 2013). Many teenagers are aware and conscious about how their peers perceive them. In fact, how the public views them as ‘cool,’ matters to them more than what their parents, think of them (Weiten, 2009). Child neglect or too much attention have become the norm especially with more cases of grandparent and foster parenting. Gender roles are also an important part of parenting and determine the behavior of children in the long run and amount of punishment they may face. Public humiliation of children, as punishment, has been viewed as either effective or cruel, and it is important to evaluate how it is used on social media and public roads.
There are various reasons why some children end up having poor morals compared to others of the same age. An analysis of children trends shows that gender roles are important in determining how children end up later in life. Both fathers and mothers impact on their children in their own unique way that help a child know how to relate with each gender and family roles that are inherent to each gender. Child neglect is also another factor that determines the morals of a child. Foster parenting has become common in many countries and some fostered children end up feeling neglected at the expense of other kids born from the family (Heath 2013). On the other hand, too much attention on can be given to a child, for instance if they are being taken care by their grandparents, which ends up negatively affecting their moral. Such children tend to become dependent and lack discipline. With the advent of technology the lives of many parents and children has been affected leading to some parents adopting modern forms of punishment to reprimand their children (Heath 2013).

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