Public Law Enforcement- Investigation and Case Preparation at Tucson Police Department

Measures taken to determine its Degree of Success
The Tucson police department is a law enforcement agency is in Tucson, Arizona and is responsible for quite a number of law related issues in the region. The organisation of the department is in such a way that all the aspects of law enforcement are covered and are being run by highly qualified personnel. The general responsibility associated with the Tucson police department is serving the public and ensuring that there is complete reliance on them. The measurements that are taken to determine the success of a particular agency is mostly based on description and a definite degree of success cannot be determined. Instead, the measure of how positive or negative a particular aspect of the agency is what is used to measure the degree of success in that particular agency. This is mostly displayed by the image that the agency portrays to the public and the way the public responds to them.

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