What are the steps in the quality improvement model and how is benchmarking involved?
What are the stages in which data quality found in a health record most commonly occur?
What is the definition of risk management?
What are the parts of an effective risk management program?
What is utilization review and why is it important in healthcare?
What is the process of utilization review?

Quality improvement in health care has a number of steps in the continuous improvement model that include planning, timeline calendar, instructional focus, assessment, tutorials and enrichment, maintenance and monitoring (Gregory, 2010). Benchmarking is involved in the second step of all timelines and ensures a thorough benchmark encompassing as well as skills that are tested on various standardized tests. Each data quality stage is essential and all necessary questions should be asked in each appropriate stage. These steps include data collection, procedures, personnel and data sources, assessing results, documentation of procedures, and quality improvement of the acquired data (RE & NA, 2010).

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