Read four of the short chapters by Amy Tan, Ta-NaHeesie Coates, Richard Rodriguez, Brent Staples and Beverly Tatum. All discuss issues of ethnicity, language and race, and all include personal elements. Choose at least two of these pieces to compare and contrast. Looking at the two pieces side by side (I suggest you print them!) which do you prefer, and why? Consider describing the way each of them discusses a particular similar subtopic. Additionally, if one (or both) of the pieces resonates for you, please describe the element in the piece that resonates for you, and why. Be sure to cite the pieces that you discuss at the end using the proper APA Citation style. You can find information about how to make the citation at the Online Writing Lab website at Purdue University and also in this week’s area within the course. About 3 pages, double-spaced.

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