Reasonable Thinking Essay

Decision-making involves a series of cognitive processes that result into the taking of a particular course of action among several alternative processes. Human beings make decisions all the time based on their sensory mechanisms. Whatever we hear, determines what we might say or what kind of action we might take altogether. Some situations require us to make decisions in relation to other people. This may involve societal factors like religion and politics. For instance, it is common for elections to be held after a particular period. This process involves the choosing of leaders based on the qualities they bear on leadership.
Deciding on a particular leader involves comparing the candidates and choosing based on one’s beliefs, ideas or even situations. Reasonable minds in an electioneering situation may argue about particular leaders based on what they hear the leaders say, what people say or think about them and what each person thinks or looks upon in a real life situation before making a decision. In a set of about two leaders, people will disagree upon various aspects like economic positions, educational backgrounds and even experience (Welch, 2001) This implies that it is difficult for reasonably thinking people to decide on one leader or one similar factor without disagreements or differences.

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