Recruitment of Females and Veterans of the U.S. Military:
You are a newly hired HR staffing specialist for MEGAQUIPMENT, a private-sector employer in the business of making large, earthmoving equipment mainly for the U.S. government.
1)Your boss has asked you to write a 3-page news release on best practices in the recruitment of females (these females are NOT veterans).
2) He also would like you to discuss the recruitment of military veterans.
3) Tailor your discussion as much as possible to recruiting these targeted applicants to the large equipment industry.
4) Draw on your own research to identify (by name) real-life, private-sector employers who have used some of the recruitment techniques that you propose.
5) Discuss their real-life experiences as examples in your news release.
Remember that this is to be a “News Release”, and you MUST be creative in this assignment!
This notice must be visually exciting and catch and hold the attention of prospective job applicants.
Remember that you are the new kid on the block so you need to demonstrate that you can get immediate results! Emphasize in your notice significant and tangible benefits that both females and veterans can expect while working at your company.
You want to word this so as to create excitement and interest among these groups. At the same time, craft your news release to grab the attention and to immediately spur interest, as illustrated in Employment Notice example.
For additional information regarding the type of notice I am looking for in terms of the material that should be included, watch which applies to veterans.
Don’t forget that all potential hires want to know what is in it for them, so you need to spell out the benefits for these desired employees in order to effectively recruit them.
In a nutshell, you need to formulate the notice as if you were selling your organization.
Use at least 4 Library sources plus any applicable background readings to help strengthen your discussion. APA Format with Subheading.
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