Reflection on Online and Social Media Essay

            Using discussion boards and the chatroom facility is one of the easiest methods to begin fostering online collaboration (Flynn, 2012, 14-16). The tools help in engaging students and fostering a community within class individuals. Discussion boards are tremendously valuable components to face-to-face courses more so on a computer campus. The discussion forums provide a venue for asynchronous communication (Wankel, 2011, 4-7). Chatrooms are managed professionally whereby their owners service and maintain them (Kitsantas & Dabbagh, 2009, 33).
As students, there are several reasons as to why we access these discussion boards. These forums are usually available twenty four hours a day for the entire week. According to Coakes (2011, 3), they make learning a possibility despite the time or place the group members might be in. Discussion forums are set up on a topic by the topic basis and customized with hosts of different participation options (Poynter, 2010, 3-5).

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