Reorganization at Bethphage Essay

Job analysis is the essence’ of HR and provides the foundation for and impacts
all of the basic HR functions and activities.

  1. Discuss the above statement by describing the process and products of job analysis and how it provides the foundation for and impacts all HR activities at Bethphage.

Job analysis refers to the analytical and systematic process carried out by organizations in describing, understanding and classifying jobs. Job analysis procedures in reintegration provide comprehensive information concerning jobs carried out by organizations in describing, understanding and classifying jobs. Job analysis entails institutional tasks, environmental conditions cognitive, physical and emotional capacities required by workers in performing their duties. Procedures of job analysis may vary depending on the prevailing circumstances. The first step is determination of job analysis scope.

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Factors explored when analyzing work scope include worksite geographical location, number of subject matter experts, number of vacancies available, number of employees in each job group and deadline required in completing company processes such as hiring, testing and advertising. The second process in job analysis is determination of job analysis procedures because the result of the scope will affect the manner in which all the analysis steps will be carried out. The next process entails creation of KSAPC statements and draft task by gathering information related to a given job position. Such information includes recruitment information, job description, analysis of past jobs and class specification. Next is identification of subject matter experts to perform the analysis. The next procedure is conduction of job audits conducted through research. Next, the KSAPC statements and drafted tasks are edited to ensure that each job task contains at least one KSAPC statement. The KSAPC statements and tasks are finalized by a second group of subject matter experts and then organized in a logical manner. The subject matter experts then rate the KSAPC statements and job tasks before linking the critical KSAPC statements to one or more tasks. The next step is identification and selection of employment method by evaluating and assessing the most efficient methodology. The next method is creation of an examination outline to be used during job interview. Finally, it is the creation of the job analysis report giving a summary of the method to be used in collection information on a given job. The above methodologies enable an organization to secure job data detailed by the HR when performing critical duties such as job evaluation.

  1. How can job analysis be used for restructuring the organization, and for reengineering jobs? How can job analysis be used for job design strategies (simplification, enlargement, rotation, and enrichment) using the core job characteristics.

Job analysis plays a critical role in organizational change, restructuring and technological innovations. It enables a company to conduct retrenchments and downsizing with impartiality. Job analysis plays a valuable role in program planning, job evaluation and disability management. The analysis enables the HR to identify jobs that offer challenges or opportunities to its human resource hence opening up opportunities for its workers to benefit from job broadening and multiple skilling. Job analysis enables an institution to manage the functions of the human resource in a structure and systematic manner by conducting portfolio, financial and organizational restructuring strategies. The restructurings play a key role in enrichment and enlargement of positions within a firm.

  1. Why is job analysis essential for a firm to legally defend its practices? What are the specific potential legal problems that Bethphage could face had it not conducted the job analysis and restructuring?

Job analysis offers a selection procedure that categorizes the most eligible candidate for a given position without prejudice. The analysis highlights the duties, qualification and standard pay for a given position or job group. Job analysis enables a firm to defend its action especially in remuneration, hiring, promotion, retrenchment by ascertaining that the practices were done without prejudice. Absence of job analysis by Bethphage could have landed it legal problems associated with the American disabilities act, Equal pay Act and the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These acts addresses equality in employment, remuneration, and other employment related decision across all races, religion, color, nationality and sex. Bethphage could have faced legal problems because it had not clearly outlined its job groups, and factors considered when carrying out its company based actions towards its employees.

  1. Why do you think there was grumbling from the employees about the length of the questionnaire? Would could have Jorgensen done to get a more positive commitment from the employees.

The employees at Bethphage grumbled because the length of the questionnaire was too long, intensive and tedious. To get more feedback that is positive from the employees, Jorgensen could have informed the employees on the importance of the process and its benefit to them.

  1. What are the specific HR benefits Bethphage can expect to realize by conducting the job analysis? How will job analysis provide more effectiveness and efficiency in performing the HR roles; administrative, operational, strategic, and advocacy?

Conduction of analysis will benefit Bethphage because the organization will now work on updated and reliable job information that can enable it to legally defend its critical employee related decisions. Job analysis will improve the firm’s proficiency in recruiting, promoting, rewarding, restructuring, organization and mergers & acquisition.