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Sample Research Paper On Information Security:

The Risk management policy below outlines the organizations approach to the security management of its information. Therefore, security of the organization’s information system is described in the framework of this policy, under the necessary principles and responsibilities guiding it. These principles and responsibilities are clearly set out in the codes of practice, guidelines and procedures, all inclusive in this policy. The main purpose of this policy is to; provide consistence framework to identify, consider and address any information risks; and also assist to safeguard the organization’s information and information system from cyber-attacks and inside job attacks. This policy applies to all the protected information of the organization .

Information security is the practice of protecting an organization’s information and its information systems against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, and recording, among others. It is used regardless of the type or form of data held by the organization, for example; electronic data, physical data, among others (Lucey, 2004). Policies and guidelines to avoid hacking and inside job attacks on the organization’s information and information system are as explained below:
The organization should consider outsourcing some of its information security personnel. This will see other company who are experts in data and information protection, safeguard the organization’s sensitive information. It will also enable the organization to concentrate on its core businesses, and save money which could have been used to train employees on data protection.
The organization should also adopt information security standards set by government security agencies. This involves assessing and evaluating the organization’s security. The IT products used are assessed and tested to ensure they conform to security requirements. By meeting these standards, the organization will be confident enough its privacy and security needs for its sensitive information is being met and avoid inside job threats.. For example, any office device that meets the criteria for use in organization security, by government, is in a proper position to provide the organization with the high levels of security that are available (Grebmer, 2008).
The organization should properly configure its firewalls. This will help examine traffic in the organization’s network, and ensure it meets the organization’s criteria. The firewall will also monitor all the traffic coming to and from the organization and enable to stop attackers from compromising the network, by preventing traffic overflow of private addresses in the network access circuit. It will also record all attempts to access the organization network, and also trigger alarm in case of an attempt of hostile and unauthorized entry.
The organization should include strictly controlled passwords in accessing any of its confidential information. For example, use of strong passwords which should never be shared with anyone unless it’s the organizations security manager, they should be regularly changed depending with the sensitivity of the information, passwords must be encrypted, and disabling of the user identification code in case of three password access attempts, among others. This will enable the organization to prepare, in advance, for any kind of attacks on its information and information system, hence being in a proper position to combat any of the suspected insider attack threats .
Also, any networked devices should not be left in work areas that are common and unsecure, for example, hallways. This will eliminate any risk factors of physical attacks. The employees should also be required to enter their user IDs and passwords, in order for them to access multi-functional devices. This will help the organization in protecting its private and confidential data from being accessed by unauthorized employees and visitors

In conclusion, all the information and the information system in the organization are assets of the organization. Information should be classified according to the sensitivity of the details it holds. The integrity of the information must be protected, regardless of the information classification. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employees and business partners to protect them from any kind of misuse, unauthorised manipulation, recording, among others.

References For This Sample Research Paper on Information Security:

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