Responsible Conduct of Research Essay

Responsible conduct of research is the use of integrity, application of ethical principles and established norms in the processes of scientific research. This is essential for scientific research especially in order to earn public trust. The pubic usually, has entrusted scientists with doing research and reporting beneficial findings especially in relation to health and well being. Responsible conduct of research is supposed to guard against misinformation of the public especially in areas that affect them directly such as their health. This is because the public is not in a position to test the information provided to them by scientists yet they believe and use it.
Research conflict of interest is the apparent, actual or potential abuse of public trust. This potential exists in all researches because there is always the risk of having financial or personal interests affect objectivity or professional judgment. This however, does not imply likelihood or indefiniteness. A case whereby a reasonable person suspects that professional judgment is going to be biased or compromised creates a conflict of interests. Usually conflicts of interests are not considered scientifically unethical or viewed as scientific misconduct. Therein lies the problem, because, conflicts of interest may result in misinformation to the public. Individuals may very well abuse their authority and public trust and compromise their judgment for financial or personal gain. This would go against the research code of conduct (Institute of Medicine (U.S.), 2002).

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