Topic 1: Final Reflection
Review the Evaluator Rubric and rate two of your Course Petitions. Share why you scored your Course Petitions the way you did, being sure to include the Explanation of Applied Learning; Evidence of College ? level Writing; Understanding of College ? level Learning; Course Outcome Attainment; and Documentation Alignment.
If you scored any of your Course Petitions lower than competent/highly competent, explain why. What do you need to do to bring those petitions into the competent/highly competent range?
What are your greatest takeaways from the portfolio development process?
College Composition II
*Articulate what constitutes effective written communication in personal, professional, and academic contexts. *Construct logical arguments. *Conduct research to support assertions made in academic and professional situations. *Synthesize research and data into a written argument. *Develop strategies for effective problem solving using digital media.
Introduction to Management
Explain the time value of money. * Integrate ratio analysis to financial statements. * Evaluate long-term capital projects. * Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. * Examine the interdependence of human systems and the natural world.

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