Revolutions sweeping across the Middle East

The people living in Middle East have, for many decades, have lived under oppressive dictatorship. After a realization of democracy, the same people have resulted to numerous revolts in such for democracy. Different media sources, both in the United States of America and outside, have produced this and related information in order to assist in passing the progression of the revolts to all individuals.
Domestic sources
According to the Times magazine, people in different parts of the middle east region have made historic popular upheavals through the unending struggle to end the unruly leadership. For instance, a war that began in Africa, Tunisia has spread to Egypt and all the regions within its reach are affected. Although most media houses have numerous reasons for this war in Egypt, it is quite obvious that the heightening of the war was has been fuelled by the transition that Egyptians are experiencing in becoming a democratic country (Magazine).
The guardian has reported to its readers that the Russian and United States governments have called upon the other countries to join in an international conference aimed at ending the Middle East revolts. This magazine pointed out that the region, the middle east, has experienced a lot of bloodshed and a new democratic move was required to end the entire war (Elder 12).
According to reports on an anti-Islamic film by Aljazeera, it is quite obvious that the people in the Middle East are ready to start a war from any minute happening. Although the demonstrations were supposed to happen in the United States, they moved to several Middle East countries causing severe damages (Aljazeera 11).

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