Subject: Risk Analysis for Decision Making
Case: 1 – “Recreational Properties”
Palisade’s Precision tree software and MS Project with Palisade’s at Risk simulation add-in to complete case report.

  • A short case report (of about 3 pages plus appendix of any length) in Microsoft Word. The Decision Trees, charts and graphs are done in Palisade’s “Precision Tree” software is in addition to these 3 pages. Report text is 3 pages long maximum


  • 12 slides power point presentation in Microsoft Power Point software that highlights report results.

The questions for this Case report are within case. Please go thru attached “Recreational Properties” PDF format file. First 4 pages is case. Page 5 is assignment direction. There are 6 sections (Pages 5-9) in this case. Under every section there are questions (in bullet points) to be answered. (The answers make up the report).
See below link to Free Trial Download for Palisade’s PrecisionTree 6” (Decision Trees in Microsoft Excel) to use for this Case 1 report.
In conclusion:
The final case report should be the following:

  • Case 1 report (just text) – Page 1 Table of content + 3 pages (font – Times New Roman, Size 12, spacing 1.5)
  • All the graphs, charts, spread sheets, are in addition the 3 page text and are generated in in Palisade’s Precision Tree/ Excel to support the answers to this report.
  • 12 Power point slides generated in MS Power Point software to support report results. As you know the slides are short sentences in bullet points, images, graphics, etc.

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