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Risk management is a process, which is used to identify and measure the risks being faced by a company or a firm. Risk management refers to the concept of keeping the risks under control so that they do not create any kind of dangerous situation for the company. This process of controlling and measuring the severity of risks is termed as risk management process. There exist many risk management processes, which help the companies, come out of the fear of risks and move towards stability and success in the market. Four major components of risk management include workplace safety and health, employee wellness program, workplace and worker security, and disaster recovery planning. “Risks need to be properly identified, evaluated and addressed” (Sharp, 2009). Managers of the companies focus properly on identifying and assessing the risks, which the companies are likely to face at some point in future employee security, workplace safety, and computer systems security. An effective and well-organized mechanism is required in order to analyze the risks while achieving the balance between identified risks and the operational necessities of the companies.

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Sample Employee Relationship Research Paper Section :
Let us now talk about employee relationships. Employee relationships refer to the efforts to maintain good relationships among employees of a company. The importance of maintaining employee relationships relates to its contribution in the success of a company. There is a specific employee relations department in most of the companies, which assists concerned authorities in different matters, such as, job training, mediation, employee support, and handling misconduct complaints. It is the responsibility of the employee relations department of a company to foster healthy and resourceful relationships between employees in order to make them productive for the company.
Prior to this class, I would have handled the risk management and employee relationships issues somewhat differently that I can do it now as the manager of employee relations department. I would not have made a good use of my skills and abilities required to perform my job. This class made me aware of my exact roles and responsibilities as the manager. Before I took this class, I did not have a clear idea of the exceptions to the employment-at-will. I was not fully aware of three key issues, which included public policy, implied contract, and good faith and fair dealing. After the class, I became aware of the concept of employment-at-will properly. Without having an understanding of these concepts, I would have been unable to assess the rights affecting the employment relationships.
As the manager of employee relations department, now I can make good use of my skills and abilities that are required to perform my job. Now I can perform work of unusual difficulty that may require development and evaluation of employee based programs and policies. Now I can better evaluate personnel policies and practices in order to implement recommendations required to improve employee relations. Moreover, now I also know that I can play the role of advisor in any department of the company because I am the one who is fully aware of all issues related to the employees.

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