Romance Languages Existing All Over the Modern World Essay

The Romance languages came from ‘Vulgar Latin’, a prehistoric language amongst the Indo-European people. At the onset of the 21st century, about 800 million individuals were speaking the languages in about fifty countries scattered all over the world. The major languages in this category are Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and Rumanian. The United Nations has already adopted two of the languages i.e. French and Spanish as official languages. Although, the languages’ development and origin are clear, their classification is complicated as they are inter-related through different and slowly unfolding features. However, a common classification puts the languages into five categories i.e. Gallo-Romance, Ibero-Romance, Rhaeto-Romance, Italo-Romance and Balkano-Romance.
The main determinant to their similarity is the common origin and manifests itself in many vocabularies and various forms from them recognized through phonetic laws. Additionally, the history of the modern Romance languages was under great influence from written Latin. In the middle Ages, a common opinion was that the spoken Romance languages were corrupted Latin versions. Many people thought the introduction of syntactical patterns, morphological elements and words from written Latin into the speeches was prestigious.

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