Sample Archetypes Essay 

ARCHETYPES are closely connected to myth and fairy tale, regardless of the context in which you study them. Choose a specific myth or fairy tale that you can share illustrations of, discuss the archetypal pattern you feel it represents & elaborate on the content. Include links to relevant works of art. A good way to begin is to do a little research on Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.
Prototypes that are deeply rooted in legends and myths from different cultures are known as archetypes (Hartwell, 2012). Archetypal events, figures and motifs have one thing in common. They are all universally existing psycho-physical patterns expressed specifically by human culture. Archetypes exhibit an existence that is dual in nature meaning they have physical and psychological aspects corresponding to the conscious and unconscious parts of the human mind. Archetypes play a major role in dictating organization of thought and behavior thus controlling the life cycle of humans from different cultures.

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