Sample Decision Tree Essay

            A decision tree is a fundamental tool used in making decisions and also to view the consequences that may result from taking a certain action. Additionally, it shows the outcomes of an event, the cost of resources or the steps that are to be taken to achieve a higher order action. The most common utilization of decision trees is in operations research that is undertaken in the analysis of decisions. They are used to assist in the identification of a strategy that can be used to reach a given goal and objective.
This paper will consider a potential emergency or crisis that would require an individual intervention on the client’s behalf. In this case, the paper will discuss a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy. The steps that a person is meant to follow in obtaining help will then be reviewed using a decision tree.
The following is the decision tree that will be used;
The Red Cross provides relief services in disaster areas by supplying food, medical care and other supplies that are needed in times of disaster. As part of the study, calls were made to the organization and the important information obtained was documented.

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