Sample Essay On Disaster Myths

Natural disasters have been in existence since time immemorial and people have learned a number of ways in which to cope with such situations. The onset of media has also made it possible for individuals to be informed of natural disasters in advance and ensure that every one is well aware and well prepared (Sontag, 2003). As mass media has grown in the 21st Century, more and more individuals have not only come to learn about but have also imagined and experienced disasters in different ways (Durham, 2008).
Researchers dealing with disasters perceive the media as management tools capable of transforming individuals’ preparedness behaviors and their response to natural disasters (Anker, 2005). Through the media, the audience or in this case, the public, is officially informed of ways of preparing before the impact of the natural event and also receives information on the community’s road to recovery once the natural event has occurred (Sontag, 2003). It has recently been observed that different myths regarding natural disasters and the media’s influence have had an impact on the way people deal with disasters and/or the road to recovery.

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