Sample Victimology Annotated Bibliography

Coomaraswamy, R. and Kois, L. (1999), ‘Violence Against Women’ in Askin, K. D. and D. M.     Koening (eds.), Women and International Human Rights Law, Volume 1 :New York:    Transnational Publishers.
The author has worked as an advocate for women rights and violence against women for almost a decade. They as a result are fairly knowledgeable on the topic.This publication sets out to outline the framework for international legal requirements that relate to state obligations to tackle violent acts against women. It describes in depth the various forms of violence against women and the possible legal actions to such violence. Such forms of violence against women in the family setup can take a range of forms and is often in line with the patriarchal power that relate to a marriage.
Studies show the frequency of domestic violence and as such marital rape. Domestic violence is in many ways utilized by both the formal and the informal actors to control women by taking control of the home which is the one space universally inhabited by women. Failure of intervention and inaction in communities has seen violence in the community to be in the constant rise.
This book will be of help in developing a victim assistance program in the sense that it will shed light on the statistics of violence against women and what they need to recover from the resulting trauma.

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