Sample Paper on Secondary Agents of Socialization Essay

            The topic, personality traits, has been widely debated as it has been researched. Some have leaned on how we are brought up while others propose it has to do with how we are brought up. Some say both. I consider myself a result of both nurture and nature. Some say I have my dad’s strong limbs, others my mother’s facial feature, others do not see the resemblance. The nature influence identifies us with our parents. What we become, however, is a result of the kind of environment we grow up in and not merely who our parents are (Booher, 2008). Our character is to a large extent influenced by the surrounding we are brought up in. where we grow up, what school we went to, and the kind of church we attended and in a long length, the friends we keep.
While there are numerous agents of socialization, that is, the cultural institutions and the people that take up active roles in socializing us, I will focus on the three major agents that have been manifest in my entire life, influencing and shaping my personality. These include school, my workplace and mass media.

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