Should E-Trade Continue to Advertise on the Super Bowl? Why or Why Not?

The E-Trade baby is a famous and the most successful advertising babies in the history of advertising. The E-Trade baby has featured in the advertising business for the last six years, and during this period, it has ultimately changed and twisted the way consumers and marketers view the use of babies in advertisements. In spite of the fact that the six year run of E-trade baby involved the use of several babies in advertisements, its effect on pop culture grew fast from the Super Bowl to the social media. However, the future of the E-Trade baby remains unknown after Gray New York resigned the E-Trade account (Stampler, 2013).
The E-trade baby speaks in a very easy and comprehensible manner. According Bruce Horovitz (2004), the baby brings out personality of pure pop culture in advertising , unlike other advertisements who use babies who are use static baby pictures. The humorous baby advertisement played a major role in E-Trade advertisement on the super bowl. The speaking baby advert has created the feeling of a real advertisement that humanizes the business of trading. During its six-year reign, the E-Trade baby was synonymous with the E-Trade brand, proving that online investing to be very easy and simple (Horovitz, 2013).

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