Sample Essay on: Should McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants be judged negligent for selling dangerous products, failing to warn consumers of the dangers of a high-fat diet, and deceptive advertising?

In the specific lawsuit, Pelman vs. McDonald, McDonald Corporation is blamed for the health problems experienced by the two minors, Pelman and Bradley. It was alleged that the minors became obese due to eating McDonald’s fast foods on a regular basis and as a result developing heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure (Sager &Solish, 2007). 
The plaintiffs asserted that the corporation had deceived the public and especially the children with their promotional campaigns into buying unsafe food that they produced. They also claimed that the corporation failed to warn consumers on the potential dangers of eating some of its products. They compared the minors with average consumers who are not aware of the dangers associated with eating unhealthy foods. Furthermore, they labeled the food to be addictive and accused the company for targeting the minors by withholding useful information.

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