Argumentative Essay on Whether Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned

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Smoking Should Be Banned Essay Introduction

Cigarette smoking has continually raised campaigns over the recent years. Concerned parties on the effects of cigarette smoking, and the impacts that the vice has have provided a lot of information to the society. People have raised a lot of issues such as health, cost of smoking to users, increase of mortality rate; yet smokers seem to have ignored all these facts. With time, cigarette smoking has even become a taboo even to restricted ages. This paper will focus on the reasons why cigarette smoking has detrimental effects to a human life, and why smoking should be banned.
On the other hand, claims and blames placed on cigarette smoking may be just mare scapegoats. For instance, everybody who is against smoking seems to mention that smoking causes cancer. Scientifically, there is a big distinction between smoking and cancer. The truth is that cigarette smokers are likely to be infected by cancer. This means that, claims that cigarette smoking causes cancer are overstepped claims (Joe, 2007).

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